• The Bodyboard Travel Guide

The Bodyboard Travel Guide

The Bodyboard Travel Guide will open your mind to the endless possibilities that exploring the world with your bodyboard can bring. Featuring 100 slabs, wedges and shore breaks on six continents, three oceans and dozens of countries, it will have you salivating at the sheer variety of what s on offer.

This book covers how to plan your trip, where and when to go, how to score more waves by getting in shape, why every bodyboarder needs to go on a boat trip, staying safe, healthy and out of trouble, how to shoot great images and preserve your memories, how to save money on budget trips, cold water destinations: how to survive and thrive, the one nation in the world every single man should visit, and how to prepare for an awesome road trip. Detailed destination sections cover background info, waves, general travel advice and the vibe, plus of course detailed spot checks of the most body boarding-friendly breaks.

Destinations covered include, Ireland, Hawaii, Portugal, Tahiti, Pacific Islands, Scotland, The Canary Islands, Morocco, South Africa, The Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, England and Wales, Chile, Central America, Mexico, Brazil, USA, and Spain.

Theres a ton of useful tips and insights from seasoned travellers and bodyboarding pros including: 2010 world champion Amaury Lavernhe, Matt Lackey, Pierre Louis Costes, Sacha Specker, Dave Winchester, Damien King, Ben Player and Magno Oliveira. All illustrated with hundreds of photos from the worlds top bodyboarding and surfing photographers, including Tim Jones, Sacha Specker, Tim McKenna, Mike Searle, Ray Collins, Lee Kelly and Chris Van Lennep.

Publisher: Orca Publications Ltd
Publication Date: 2011

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