Bulldog Dry Barrel Bag 20L

Introducing the ultimate solution for surf or beach adventures—the Bulldog 20L Dry Bag. This wetsuit dry bag is ideal for a day filled with fun! Designed to last you a lifetime and make those beach day adventures effortless and fun. Being 20L it can carry all your daily goodies including wetsuits, booties, towels and food! It's quick-drying, making it ideal for carrying your wet goodies without the stress of leakage or moulding.

The sling shoulder strap makes it easy to cart around with you, and exceptionally hardy with its tough black fabric. A roll top will prevent water from getting in and any other unwanted materials kept out. 

- Quick-drying

- 20L capacity

- Sling Shoulder Strap

- Roll top

- Stiffening Tough Strap

    • £16.99
    • £19.99