Surflogic Wetsuit Accessory Hanger - Single System

Surflogic Wetsuit Accessory Hanger - The best and most versatile way to dry and look after wetsuit gloves, booties, and hoods.

Tired of hangers that warp, rust or rot? Looking for the best way to dry and maintain your wetsuit accessories like booties, gloves, sun hats, helmets and hoods? Then get ready for the Surflogic Wetsuit Accessory Hanger.

The Surflogic Wetsuit Accessory Hanger is designed to optimise drying times whilst minimising wear and tear on your neoprene gear.

  • Heavy duty construction
  • No metal = no rust
  • Engineered to minimise wetsuit accessory drying times
  • Designed to reduce overall fabric stress

Multiple drying options:

Free-standing system features:
  • Rotating base to support standing on the ground as a dry rack
  • Versatile rotating leg can also be used to hang accessories like neoprene hoods and beanies 
Clip system features:
  • Removable hook
  • 360º rotation

Featuring a heavy duty, 360º rotating hook, multiple hanging options for a variety of gear and a rotating self-supporting base that boasts dual functionality.

Use the rotating base as a support to stand your Surflogic Wetsuit Accessory Hanger on the ground or use it as an extra hanging point for equipment like hoods, sun hats and helmets.

There is no time like now to change the way you look after your surf gear and invest in making your wetsuit accessories last longer.

The Surflogic Wetsuit Accessory hanger is not limited to wetsuit accessories only. As a heavy-duty hanger with multiple hanging possibilities, it is the ideal hanger for sailing wet weather gear, snow gear, dive equipment, kite harnesses or any other gear that your average hanger struggles to support.

  • £24.99