• GODRY Wetsuit Hanger
  • GODRY Wetsuit Hanger
  • GODRY Wetsuit Hanger
  • GODRY Wetsuit Hanger

GODRY Wetsuit Hanger


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Product Details

GODRY HANGER is the perfect accessory to hang and dry your neoprene suit on / in vehicles or at home. Essential for your travels, we don't know how we've gone without one for so long! 

Available in Blue or Green


  • Specially designed for cars, vans and RV´s.
  • Godry Hanger is designed to protect your car from the seawater dripping off your wetsuit.
  • Set up your GoDry Hanger in the shower and you won´t remove it. No more puddles at home. Get your wetsuit dry and ready for the early mornings.
  • Optimal hanging to avoid stretching or folding marks.
  • Designed to let the air flow through the wetsuit for a perfect dry.
  • Your wetsuit is preserved from getting damaged by dirt or rust. It won´t touch walls or the body of your car. Protect it from the sunlight by setting goDry Hanger in the shade.
  • Easy to use and store, super light for carriage. Fits in back packs.
  • For outdoor and indoor uses. Ideal for travellers.


DIMENSIONS 52 x 5 x 5 cm

Blue, Green, 

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