GLASS V01 / North Sea

GLASS takes a different stance…

GLASS V01 / North Sea / is a new independent, limited-edition photobook that curates international surf photography, art and writing to create a radical “exhibition in print”.

Free from advertising, this launch edition is a collaborative edit of effective, contemporary work from respected creatives and emerging talent across all North Sea nations.

GLASS V01 showcases photographers Michal Pelka, Daniel Hägglund, Vilmos Misota, Mandy Barker, Louie Angenendt, Jeff Flindt, Mike Guest, Stu Norton and editor Lewis Arnold alongside artists, writers and activists, Jez Goffin, Adam Carnaby, Mathieu Turries, Emily Grimes, Jack Copeland, Tony Butt, Rhys Smith and Martine Geijsels.

Independent visual arts and free thinking shaped by our surfing world. 

  • Independent, limited-edition, hardback photobook

  • 144 pages of curated North Sea surf culture

  • Free from advertising or paid content

  • Beautiful bespoke design

  • Section-sewn binding

  • 16-page gloss art paper centre section

  • All paper used to produce and deliver Glass is from renewable resources

  • £30.00