Amazing Waves + Incredible Waves Bundle

Amazing Waves is a stunning coffee table book which captures the beauty and majesty of ocean waves.

Dive into the world of waves with this stunning selection of aquatic images from the world’s leading salty lensmen. Learn about the processes that create the bands of oceanic energy that can travel thousands of miles before ending their journeys in such visually arresting fashion, how they’re forecast and what we need to do to protect them.

It features the work of the world's best surf photographers including Chris Burkard, Ryan Miller, Andrew Chisholm , Ben Thouard, Josh Tabone, Rodd Owen, Timo Jarvinen, Roger Sharp, Alan van Gysen, Bastien Bonnarme, Andrew Shield, Laurent Pujol, Damian Davila, Trent Slatter, Marcus Paladino, Mike Lacey, Helio Antonio and Zak Noyle. Published by Orca Publications and edited by Roger Sharp. The photos in Amazing Waves are guaranteed to thrill anyone with a love of the ocean. 


"I got both of my books in Colorado yesterday. And they are truly a gorgeous addition to my coffee table! Thank you so much for these, I've wanted a really nice ocean coffee table book for a couple of years now. And this is exactly what I wanted!!"
Jason Bierz 

"Just got mine. Well done! What a great book for the price, thank you."
JR Kottom

"Just received last night. The book looks amazing, just as expected!"

"Book is fantastic"
Nigel Somerville


Incredible Waves 

Beautiful, unique, kaleidoscopic, geometrically exquisite...perfect waves are some of Mother Nature’s most alluring and mesmerising creations. 

Incredible Waves is a stunning collection of photographs that capture the beauty, majesty and danger of the world’s most awesome waves including Pipeline, Cloudbreak, Shipstern’s Bluff, The Right, Teahupoo, The Wedge, Kirra, Ke Iki, Skeleton Bay, The Box, Captain Steve’s, Riley’s, Desert Point and Apocalypse – waves which are as dangerous as they are enticing, for photographers as well as surfers.

This breathtaking volume features some of the best recent work by Clark Little, Brian Bielmann, Chris Burkard, Russell Ord, Ray Collins, Laurent Pujol, Mickey Smith, Tim McKenna and 20 other top surf photographers.

Incredible Waves also includes insights from pro surfers, a global discussion with five top photographers, as well as essays by Kirk Owers and Roger Sharp about the allure of perfect waves and the forces that create them.

Readers interested in improving their own photographic skills will benefit from the technique sections in the book which offer tips and advice for getting better shots; everything from basic composition to underwater photography is covered, along with tips for getting the best from board-mounted POV cameras such as the GoPro.

Incredible Waves is a tribute to the beauty and power of the ocean at its most spectacular.

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