• Carve 145

Carve 145

In this issue we’ve got a Wavegarden exclusive for you this issue, no magazine had been allowed a trip there, and we’ve got the full juice on whether it’s a concept that’s going to fly or fall flat on its face. Not just that we’ve got the sickest shots from the pro’s recent stint in Bali. Boardmasters gold and Bude’s Liam Turner joining the big dogs on a boat trip in the Indian Ocean… 


Getting up-and-coming Brit surfers on international photo shoots with the big dogs has been a bit of a thing for CARVE the last few years. What better way for our bright young things to see the level they need to be at than surfing with the best in the world? The latest effort in this noble quest was getting Bude ripper Liam Turner on a boat in the Maldives with Chippa Wilson and Matt Meola. Yes. Them. Two of the hottest guys in the world right now.

The world tour crew swung through Bali recently and to be succinct: it pumped. With freesurf sessions going off all over the place we thought we’d bring you our global photog team’s best snapshots from the über-high performance sessions. Introduced by Jarvi was there to observe, smoke clove fags and drink Bintangs.


The annual surf/music/party event of the season has just wrapped. As in literally. The magazine has pushed the print deadline to breaking point and the printer goblins have been doing all kinds of swears at us, as our elastic concept of time has ticked them off. This is being written mere hours after Ben Howard left the stage, the comp rashes are still damp. It’s the middle of the night and we’re just slotting the last pics in from the week. Photos so fresh they might actually still be moist if you touch them.
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