• Bulldog Changing Mat

Bulldog Changing Mat

The Bulldog Changing Mat is a lightweight mat that converts to a bag, allowing you to avoid sand, gravel and dirt on your wetsuit and conveniently change on a flat mat. Pullable strings on each side of the mat make it easy for you to wrap things up after a surf no matter what spot you're surfing.

Once changed, throw all the wet gear into the centre, pull up the drawstrings and it's packed neatly away. The material is fully waterproof and heavy duty so can be washed down and wont leak if a wetsuit is left inside it. 

- Padded, abrasion-resistant ground patch 

- 600D super tough polyester fabric 

- Use drawstrings to convert to a bag for transit to and from the beach

- 75cm diameter 


      • £21.25
      • £25.00