• Carve 143

Carve 143

CARVE is Britain's most popular surfing magazine, full of awesome photography, features, travel, interviews and news from around the surfing world.
We've got the inside skinny from THAT Teahupo'o circus session, an exclusive interview with Mitch Corbett on Aileens snapping his spine, an insight into the man that calls Alana his lady, otherwise known as Jack Freestone, Ferg goes to Iceland, Will Bailey joins Spenny and Grish in the Mentawais and a 'please sponsor me' letter that is the finest example we've ever seen. It's in shops now, subscribers got theirs tale end of last week…

So what are you waiting for? Easy to spot it's the magazine with Peter Mel in a mahoosive Teahupo'o cave on the cover… (Shot by the magician that is Tim McKenna)

Will Bailey jumped on board for a trip to the Indonesian surfers' paradise with a smorgasbord of Cornish surfers. An everyman trip if you will. Not about the pro's, logos and full rote airs but some regular Joes, well, Spenny Hargreaves and friends in the best place in the world to wave sliding.

Fergal Smith is no stranger to cold water. But Iceland is a whole different ball game. He was over there with the cream of European surfing for the always entertaining Nixon Surf Challenge. They got waves, they docked about and as is the main thing with surfing they had a lot of fun.

Jack Freestone and Alana Blanchard are surfing's most glamorous and talented young couple. Jack's a double junior world champion and set for the big league World Tour. Alana is the most followed surfer on Instagram, is all over the mainstream mags and holds down a spot on the women's tour. Chris Binns gets under the hood of Jack and we have a little chat with Alana.

The May Teahupo'o sessions in Tahiti came with a massive side order of froth. In the line-up, the channel and around the world as the action got beamed near live. The images are spectacular but is the big wave circus getting out of hand? It certainly seemed that way. We have a nosey around the subject but it's Tim McKenna and David Tuarau amazing photos that are the killer blow this issue.
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