• Surf Trip Map
  • Surf Trip Map
  • Surf Trip Map

Surf Trip Map

See the world through a surfer's eyes with the unique SurfTrip Map. It is entirely focused on surfing, and full of useful information about the many sites around the globe. The colourful drawings bring the locations to life, making it an artistic and informative addition to any wall.

Hundreds of drawings tell every country’s story in a fun way on the Surf Trip Map. Check out the detail and discover something new every day. 

All good surf spots with detailed information. Know where the prime surf spots are and when to go, where the water is warm and a lot more. 

A unique surf poster – the perfect gift. 97.5cm  x 56cm of surfing or about as wide as your 6ft surfboard and half as long.

  • Global map of all the good surf sports
  • 100's of drawings tell every country's story in a visual way
  • Printed on high quality paper with a special gloss to keep colours vibrant
  • Ideal to plan your next surf trip, reminisce on ones gone by or simply day dream
  • A great gift for any surfer
  • Labelled with detailed information about the temperature, likelyhood of sharks and when the best season to surf is
  • Size: 97.5cm x 56 cm (38" x 22")