Northcore Slide Hanger

The Northcore SlideHanger is a rugged bit of kit made from 100% recycled ABS plastic in California in collaboration with HangPro. The HangPro guys have over 50 years of surfing, sailing and outdoors experience and know that kit can be expensive so needs to be looked after correctly. Hanging items like a wetsuit on a normal hanger means that the entire weight is placed on the shoulders (even on wide hangers) which creates shoulder wear and reduces the products life span. 

So the SlideHanger is designed to eliminate shoulder wear in wetsuits and general material fatigue, significantly reducing overall fabric stress caused by standard hangers. The SlideHanger allows a wetsuit to drape over the special I-beam bar from the suits waist, which is proven to be the best way to hang a wetsuit as it totally eliminates shoulder wear and damage. Perfect for wetsuits, water sports vests, life vests, windsurfing kit and more which simply slide on and off the hanger in seconds. Wet kit also dries faster on the Northcore SlideHanger.

  • £14.99