The Surf Girl Handbook

The Surf Girl Handbook covers everything you need to know about surfing and takes you from total beginner through to standout ripper at your local break. Packed with priceless information, amazing photography and insider tips from the pros, the Surf Girl Handbook really is an essential reference for any surf girl. It’s like having your own personal surf instructor, lifestyle coach and fitness guru all in one book!

"The Surf Girl Handbook provides an invaluable guide for the novice right through to the semi-pro surfer wanting some tips to take their surfing to the next level" writes top Australian surfer and world title contender Sally Fitzgibbons in the foreword. "The book isolates the key manoeuvres and breaks them down, offering just the right amount of guidance so as not to make it too confusing. The photos of the pro’s performing manoeuvres really get your adrenaline pumping. The Surf Girl Handbook will inspire you to get out there and do it yourself."

It’s packed with more than 500 cool photos of surfing and lifestyle inspired by the ocean. The Surf Girl Handbook includes sections on fitness, diet, travel, equipment, swell prediction, surfing etiquette, technique and the ocean environment.

Edited by: Louise Searle
ISBN: 978-0-9523646-1-0
Pages: 160
Size: 215mm (w) x 215mm (h)
Illustrations: More than 500 colour photos.
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  • £17.99