POD PF1 Swimfins

POD fins are high performance surfing fins for extreme bodysurfing and bodyboarding.
Its precise engineering and streamline design, combined with the unique splay rails ® and symmetric blade, provide excellent balance and a more powerful kick, with directed thrust, speed and control.

POD fins are buoyant and lightweight, with deep channels that produce good wave holding stability.

The drainage has been designed to ensure rapid water and sand release from the foot pocket. The pocket itself has been extended for versatile fittings and a bonus for growing feet. The drop knee rider can actually fit into the next size down, providing a 20 mm shorter blade.

POD fins are manufactured using a unique POD patent technique that lines the inside of the foot pocket with a soft natural buoyant rubber compound, making the foot pocket soft and extra comfortable.


Size: 8-9 (Medium)

  • £17.00
  • £34.99